On Trial

by 39th & The Nortons

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  • On Trial
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"Coming across like a lo-rent Stones circa Exile On Main Street, or Johnny Thunders in Copy Cats mode – particularly on numbers like ‘Dead Flowers’ and ‘I Can’t Do It’ respectively - the Nortons slip effortlessly between jingle-jangle country style psychedelia and pure ’60s rock ’n’ roll kitsch. Unarguably also influenced by the Nuggets compilation, the garage is never too far away either, along with echoes of Love and The Seeds. An undeniable charmer that just keeps growing on you."


'‘On Trial’ stands out as one of the best psych/garage albums of recent times. ‘On Trial’ is like discovering a long-lost crate of 45s hidden in the loft of a closed-down record store.'

Sound Of Confusion

'Let’s face facts - if you’re a regular reader of The Active Listener, the idea of a Dylan / Parsons / Seeds collaboration is gonna be right up your street and that being the case you need to listen to this immediately as it kicks serious amounts of ass.'

Nathan Ford/The Active Listener

'It has that sweet, heartfelt twang that country delivers so impeccably. Makes me whimsical and nostalgic for something I don’t really understand. Don’t think I need to either, just that it sounds mighty swell.'

Antarktikos/Space Rock Mountain

'On Trial serves up eleven tracks of flawlessly executed, shimmering electric-country jangle set against some downright Dylan-esque structural backdrops.

Speak Into My Good Eye/Mike Mehalick

'A ramshackle outing with plenty of swagger and twang, On Trial pairs the driving gloves in the garage with some mud-crusted boots for a sonic fashion statement that never goes out of style. Rootsy, fuzzy and effervescent.'

Mr Avatist/Sunrise Ocean Bender

'Titles such as 'I Won't Hurt You', 'I Can't Do It', 'Carefree' and the title track of the album alone are enough to prove that 'On Trial' condenses everything in which Wheeldon excels, namely making sinously outlined country music with a spine filled with psychedelia.'

Tally-Ho/Célia Morgandorffer

'Fans of The Seeds, Count Five, Music Machine etc should be all over this band like a rash, listening to these guys and these songs, you would be hard pressed to believe that they weren't there treading the same stages as the aforementioned bands.'

Ice Cream Man/Wayne Lundqvist Ford

'If you like your Nuggets olden and golden and served with some sweet organ and harmonica and drenched in a delicious reverb sauce, then you’re gonna wanna head on down to 39th and the Nortons and get yourself a heaping helping of this eleven song plat du jour '

Regular Wiglar/Joey LeGerm

"Let's just say, that I love the album. It has everything I love about the garage rock..."

It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine

There are still a few copies of the cassette available at the Evil Hoodoo Bandcamp... evilhoodoo.bandcamp.com


released November 12, 2012

39th - Nick Wheeldon

The Nortons -

Andrew Anderson - Drums/Fuzz/Piano/Backing Vox on 'I Won't Hurt You'
Olly Baxter - Drums on 'I Can't Do It' & 'Without Regret'
Luke Adey-Rennard - Organ on 'I Can't Do It'
Coline Loison - Backing Vox on 'I Can't Do It' & 'One Mistake'
Gemma Gray - Backing Vox on 'I Can't Do It' & 'Dead Flowers'
Laura Burn-Acaster - Backing Vox on 'I Can't Do It', 'Carefree', 'Disconnected', 'One Mistake' & 'Dead Flowers'
Guy Whittaker - Drums on 'Don't Look Back', 'Disconnected' & 'On The Run'
Sarah Henderson - Violin & Cello on 'Without Regret' & 'Dead Flowers'

Produced By Nick Wheeldon.
Mastered By Matthew Johnson at Suburban Home Studio, Leeds.
Recorded at Portland Works, Sheffield, 2012.
Released by Evil Hoodo Records 2012.

All Songs (c) Nick Wheeldon/39th & The Nortons

Thanks to Thom Bettney, MJ and to everyone who played on the record.



all rights reserved


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